Biometric Identification of Cows powered by Deep Learning

Identify cows from their Muzzle Print with very high accuracy

Bometric animal identification system for bovines based on muzzle and facial imaging, with more than 95% accuracy

Cattle identification plays an important role in controlling the disease outbreak, vaccination management, production management, cattle traceability, and assigning ownership. Conventional Ear tag based cattle identification system alone is not being able to track the identity of animals once the tag is lost or tampered with. Therefore, the need to develop a  permanent animal identification system based on biometric markers in bovines was felt to complement existing 12 digit unique ear tag number based animal identification system. Several Research papers have highlighted use of biomarkers like “muzzle pattern” as a potential solution for identification of animals. However, besides reasonable identification accuracy (>90%), processing time and cost effective system are few key challenges which require minor automation to use biometric marker as the most promising approach to address the issue of permanent animal identification system.  

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