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Digital Twin & IOT Services

How IoT empowers Enterprises to drive Business Growth?

Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Solutions

We offer IoT Solutions and Services for enabling Enterprises to adopt IoT platforms as a Service for building Scalable and Predictive analytics and decision-making Applications. Developing Internet of Things Solutions (IoT) Solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing further Improving Operational efficiency with Reduced Latency by integrating and transforming Business Proces

Fast-to-Adopt IoT Solutions

Reduce complexity in your infrastructure. Move data less and provide better governance on one cloud or multiple clouds.

AI & Computer Vision Expertise

Adopt new innovations faster and keep control of your data by building open standards and open source. This also provides flexibility .

Fast Computing @ Edge

Affordably speed up and simplify network deployments at the edge and be 5G ready with network-optimized compute, custom acceleration, and cloud-native tools.

Machine Vision Solutions

Our solutions give you a powerful, growing foundation for machine vision solutions. We provide optimized neural network models for defect detection and predictive maintenance.

Complete Solutions for a Resilient Edge

Low- or no-bandwidth locations; harsh, space-constrained environments; decade-long “survivability”—every edge has challenges. Yet all share the need to be affordable, resilient, and secure. Intel is solving the biggest challenges to get your edge up and running smoothly.
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